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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

you’re ready to feel comfortable in your own skin again!

Let’s shift your mindset, free you from dietary dogmas and change your relationship with food by finding sustainable solutions that are right for you!



Understand Your Story

Your unique life and experiences provide insight into your biology. We gather your personal evidence to understand what’s going on in your body so we can understand why it’s happening.

Systems + Tools

We use journals, matrices and other tools to capture details unique to you allowing us to see which foods, environmental inputs and other stressors are consistently causing you problems.


Powerful Partnership

You are no longer alone in this. I’m here for you. Together, we will connect the dots of your health and put together a practical plan that works for you.



Finally Feel Better Challenge

STEP ONE: The finally feel better CHALLENGE

The Finally Feel Better will teach you how to pay attention to your body, connect the dots and correlate what you're eating (food), with how you're feeling (mood), and how your body is functioning (poop)! This is the assessment we use to start uncovering root causes, and it establishes the basis of my work with each client. This 5-day complimentary will teach you how to use this tool effectively to maximize its possibilities.

21-Day Sugar Detox with Naomi Nakamura

STEP TWO: The 21-Day Sugar Detox

We'll back things up by going back to the basics. Using the 21-Day Sugar Detox, this comprehensive, simple but effective program will teach you how to transition to a real foods diet while by removing the most inflammatory foods from your diet - sugar, gluten, and dairy. You'll also identify any other personalized reactive foods you'll need to remove and poor habits to be addressed. This program is offered in a group or private coaching capacity.

Naomi Nakamura, Functional Health Coach

STEP THREE: PERSONALIZED Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

After clearing out the junk in the 21-Day Sugar Detox, we'll focus on the remaining symptoms (if there are any!). We'll use the Functional Nutrition tracking tools to uncover and address gut health and other personal nutritional and lifestyle deficiencies so that you can create a solid nutritional foundation that allows your body to repair and rebuild itself. This service is offered in a private counseling capacity.



You Have A Choice

  1. Decide that you're worth 20 minutes to strategize with me and start this process
  2. Check your calendar to see when you're free this week because your health doesn't deserve any more delays
  3. Click the button below to book your time with me and let's make this happen

  I don’t try to fit you into any specific dietary mold. I believe you should investigate your health to create your own way of eating that works for YOU. I'll teach you how to to do that by listening and paying attention to your body like you’ve never done before, so you can know what’s right for YOU.

 I’m here to hear you. you’re no longer alone in this.