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Is It Possible To Be Healthy But Still Feel Lousy?

You’re frustrated and you want answers…

It’s time to stop chasing symptoms, put your detective hat on and collect clues to uncover the root of your problems.


You’re a health-conscious woman who eats healthy and exercises regularly but still feels lousy.

You’re struggling with painful gas and chronic bloating, no matter what you eat.

And you’re wondering why you’re still dealing with cystic acne, can’t get a decent night’s sleep, and you have no idea why you’re gaining weight!


Hi, I'm Naomi Nakamura

I’m an expert in Functional Nutrition, a nerd when it comes to clean living, and my obsession is debunking fad diets and weight loss myths by teaching people where food meets physiology so they understand where health and healing truly begins.

A San Francisco Bay Area-based health coach, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, podcaster and puppy mama to Coco Pop, my happiest days are spent empowering health-conscious women to speak their truth and become leaders in their own healthcare.




Break up with sugar and processed foods, reset your taste buds and learn how to enjoy healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods.


Identify triggers and root causes of your health complaints and address nutrition or lifestyle deficiencies getting in the way of your healing. 


Understand how environmental toxins are unavoidable, impact your health and learn practical ways to reduce your exposure.


Learn strategies to cope with work-related stress and how to manage other lifestyle factors for self-preservation.



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When you’re a smart and savvy woman working in the business world, you have way more important things to focus on than what you eat, or spend hours talking about health … right? Well, sure, until you’re tired, burned out and fading - which is the last thing you want.

Kick back for a few minutes and join me for real and honest conversations, from a bigger perspective, on health, functional nutrition and solutions for dealing with the pressures of living and working in a fast-paced world. Topics include digestive and hormonal health, food + functional nutrition, stress management, environmental toxins, productivity, fun and the importance of having work + health balance.