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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

Beautiful Skin Is An Inside Job

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health.

Are you only treating the symptoms OR are you addressing the root problems?

Facial Cleaning

Live FAB Life is here to teach you where food meets physiology and how skin, diet, gut health, stress, and toxins are connected so you can systematically and holistically bring your body back into balance and finally feel comfortable in your own skin again.


Hi, I'm Naomi Nakamura

I help people clear up their skin by getting to the root cause of their skin problems.

As a certified health coach specializing in Functional Nutrition, a 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach and a podcast host, I’m here to empower you to transform your life (and your skin!) by viewing life from a healthier perspective. Beautiful skin comes from within, and it's my passion to educate you along your journey.


The Live FAB Life Podcast