Functional Nutrition Health Coach, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, Host of The Live FAB Life Podcast, Safer Beauty Education & Advocate

Hi! I’m Naomi

I help professional women who struggle with everyday health concerns that if left unaddressed can add up to big problems.

I teach them how to figure out what’s at the root of their conditions.

By taking practical actions towards improving diet and gut health, and reduce exposure to environmental toxins; they can bring their body back into balance.

Everyone's Heard the Stories About Silicon Valley…

The crazy hours people work, the stressful lives they lead. I was one of them.

Since 2000 I was working insane hours, eating takeout and convenience meals as I could grab them, and spending what free time I had horizontal on a sofa like a couch potato.

I pushed myself to the absolute limits of what a person can do in the working world - I was achieving amazing things, day in and day out... let's be honest; that's the way it works in a place like Silicon Valley. No such thing as half measure.

But I was tired, stressed, and needed something more. I needed an outlet to cope from the daily pressures and scrutinization of micro-management so I took up endurance training. I found long-distance running and embraced it with both arms and threw myself into it full speed.

I became a health-conscious go-getter. 

I took care to fill my body with healthy foods.

But it wasn’t enough. I was following the “rules”, and it wasn’t working. I was exasperated; thought I was doing "everything" right. I was training for marathons, I’d cut out gluten and dairy…

But I wasn’t sleeping well, my cravings were out of control and my gut was a hot mess. I had raging Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), chronic cystic acne, debilitating insomnia, unexplained weight gain, a fatty liver, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), adrenal fatigue, and a whole lot more! Despite trying all the conventional remedies, I still felt so UNWELL. It didn’t make sense! 

How This Began…

Being the Questioner that I am, I dove into research to try to figure out why this was happening to me. When I stepped back and looked at the big picture of my health, I soon realized that just about everything that I had been taught about “being healthy" was incomplete and all the symptoms and conditions I’d been experience were signs of more significant problems. And it was the bigger problems that I needed to solve.  

So after almost 20 years of working in the tech world, I went back to school and became qualified as a Functional Nutrition Health Coach. I learned how the human body really works, how it works together as a full body system, what real food truly is, and how to approach health from a bigger perspective, not just what the media markets to the masses. I’ve learned to look beyond the obvious; to put my detective hat on and uncover the root causes of what may be causing health problems.

Now, it is my mission to empower other women, especially those working in high tech, who push themselves too hard, too fast and too far, who are frustrated and still struggling. 

I specialize in: 

  • Real food nutrition

  • Overcoming sugar addiction

  • Elimination diet protocols to address food sensitivities and intolerances

  • Digestive and hormonal health

  • Stress management

  • Environmental influences and reducing our toxic load

  • Personal development

Through my weekly podcast, coaching programs and safer skincare solutions, I teach women who push themselves too hard, too fast and too far, who are frustrated and still struggling learn how to restore their health by teaching them where diet, gut health, toxins, and stress connect so that they can systematically and holistically bring their body back into balance and finally feel comfortable in their skin again.


Health isn’t all about losing a few pounds or about the absence of chronic disease; it’s about feeling good, showing up, and giving your highest gifts to the world.
— Dr. Mark Hyman


I believe...

...Your diet should be based on YOU, not on dietary dogma. One way of eating does not define me and it should not define you. I take principles from many different dietary theories to figure out what foods energize me and what foods don't.

...Your body sends you messages when it's out of balance; are you listening?

...Simple diet and lifestyle changes can help almost everyone recover from almost anything. But simple doesn’t mean easy.

...Given half a chance, your body will repair itself.

...Self-care is a form of self-respect.

...Nurturing relationships, effective communications, joy and fulfilling work are just as essential as food and exercise.

...Work + life balance is relative, but work + health balance is non-negotiable.


It’s time for you to stop masking your symptoms and learn how to take a functional approach to address your root causes.

I don’t want to be your last stop; I want to be your first step!


Certifications and Training

+ Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

+ The Functional Nutrition Alliance

+ 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach

+ Balanced Bites Masterclass Practitioner Training

+ Lara Adler’s Environmental Toxins Practitioner Training