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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach
About Naomi Nakamura

You’re a health-conscious go-getter.

You take care to fill your body with healthy foods and make time for exercise!

But it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

You’re not sleeping well, your cravings are out of control and your gut is a hot mess. And while you don't usually worry about the 5-10 lb swing, the scale keeps going up. Despite trying all the typical remedies, they just aren’t working and you just feel so UNWELL. It doesn’t make sense!

Like you, I was following the “rules”, and it wasn’t working. I was exasperated; thought I was doing "everything" right. I was training for marathons, I’d cut out gluten and dairy, but everything that I had been taught “being healthy" was incomplete.  There’s so much more to health than diet and exercise.


That’s their ultimate goal. But IBS, acne, poor sleep, unexplained weight gain - they're all signs of more significant problems. And when you step back and look at your health from a bigger perspective, it’s the bigger problems that you need to solve. That’s the kind of work that I do. I’m not a weight loss coach. Weight loss can be a by-product of the work that I do, but it’s not the ultimate milestone that my clients are aiming for.


Naomi Nakamura, Live FAB Life

Hi! I’m Naomi!

I’m an expert in Functional Nutrition, a nerd when it comes to clean living, and my obsession is debunking fad diets and weight loss myths by teaching others where food meets physiology so they understand where health and healing truly begins.

A San Francisco Bay Area-based health coach, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, podcaster and puppy mama to Coco Pop, my happiest days are spent empowering health-conscious women to speak their truth and become leaders in their own healthcare.

I’m a...

  • 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley
  • A Certified Health Coach qualified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Practitioner of Functional Nutrition (educated and trained by the Functional Nutrition Alliance)
  • 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach
  • Four-time marathoner and fitness enthusiast
  • Creator and host of The Live FAB Life Podcast
  • Educator in holistic health
  • An advocate for clean living, safer beauty and a Beautycounter consultant and mentor

+ Learn More About Me...

There was a time when I was tired, stressed and more than 40 lbs. overweight. I needed a change, and when I found running, I embraced it with both arms and threw myself into it full speed. With all this passionate dedication to running, I was missing - or maybe just ignoring - the signs that my body couldn't take it anymore. Crippling insomnia, middle-of-the-night hunger pains, and the injuries.

Then came the real problems - IBS was the first diagnosis, followed by adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia and a fatty liver. Next came hypothyroidism, SIBO and heavy metal toxins accompanied by unexplained weight gain.

Like you, I had been following the “rules”, and it wasn’t working. I was exasperated; thought I was doing "everything" right. I was training for marathons, had cut out gluten and dairy, but as I’ve learned, everything that I had been taught “being healthy" was incomplete.

I wanted answers to the problems I was experiencing, and I wanted to know how to fix them.

  • Why was I eating what the fitness magazines recommended and yet, I was still unhealthy?
  • How were all of my health issues related, as the experts say?
  • Could I have done something differently to avoid these issues?

I began working with a functional medicine doctor and discovered how food could be medicine, that rest and recovery are as important as exercise, and that emotions and values are essential to our bodily health.

I realized I have something to share with others who push themselves too hard, too far, too fast. My natural curiosity was the perfect starting point in helping others discover their own health issues, the best ways to get around and through them, and how to give themselves the exercise, rest and nutrition to support a whole-body-mind healthy lifestyle.

So I went back to school to study integrative and functional nutrition. Today I’m a Certified Health Coach, specializing in Functional Nutrition.

This means:

  • I seek to understand the whole person and all aspects of your life
  • We address the environment and circumstance in which your signs, symptoms or diagnosis manifested
  • I fill the communication and educational gaps that exist between you, your doctor, and your other healthcare practitioners

The work that I do goes beyond coaching. It’s not just about diet and exercise. It’s changing your mindset and the way that you think about your health - to consider your personal history, environment inputs, community, culture - everything that influences your well-being.

It’s not just about being your cheerleader (though I am in your corner!). I also educate you on how to figure out what's going in your body - how everything is connected, how to make correlations and connect the dots, then, how to make sustainable diet and lifestyle modifications that work for you - that will help you to reach your goals.

HELPING OTHERS is my passion!

In an era of quick fixes, fad diets and conflicting health information, I provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching and counseling to teach you where health and healing truly begins, so you can take control of your own health again!


Certification + Trainings

  • 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach
  • Balanced Bites Masterclass Practitioner Training
  • Blueprint for A Healthy Life Environmental Toxins Training 
  • The Institute of Integrative Nutrition 
  • The Functional Nutrition Alliance Digestive Intensive
  • The Functional Nutrition Alliance Full Body Systems


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