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"I am already eating healthy and exercising but I still feel crappy. I'm frustrated and not seeing the results that I want."

"I'm tired of fad diets. I'm sick of counting calories. I want to  ditch diets forever but I don't know where to start."

"I'm bloated, gassy and my gut is a hot mess. I want to learn what I can do to feel better and improve my digestion."

"I'm burnt out. I want to learn how to refuel, rebuild and repair my body so I can maximize my workouts!"

Client Testimonials

Up until the Connect the Dots Detox program I was never really concerned about eating well. I knew that eating the right foods was important but never spent much time and effort on it.

Over the past several years I have noticed a change in my body probably due to age. I was eating the same foods as before but started to put on weight and it was extremely hard to lose it.

I reached out to Naomi and she made some suggestions as to how to begin looking at the food I was eating. Then I joined the “Connect the Dots Detox” program and was amazed at how quickly the weight started to come off. It’s been about a month since the program and I have been able to maintain my weight!

It is by no means magic and it does take discipline. I am more aware of what I eat and find myself making healthier choices every day. This is just the beginning and I am eager to continue working with Naomi!
— Becki M. - Honolulu, HI

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