Functional Nutrition Health Coach, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, Host of The Live FAB Life Podcast, Safer Beauty Education & Advocate
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Mind Your Health When Your Mind Is On Work

Learn how to prioritize your health and wellness and beat overwhelm in a fast-paced, high-pressured world


You Know the Pressure to Be Always On, Always Be Available...

You’ve heard about the high tech industry…the crazy hours people work, the stressful lives they lead. You know it, because it’s your world. The constant pressure to deliver, produce, beat last quarter. 

 This kind of pressure can make your workplace toxic. Then you bring it home and internalize it. The stress shows up in your eating, sleeping, even in your relationships - and if left unaddressed, can show up as digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, chronic skin conditions, autoimmune diseases and more!

 My functional nutrition coaching helps you uncover the root causes of your complaints and what to do about them so you can take control and feel empowered in your health (and work) again.



Hi, I’m Naomi Nakamura! As a Functional Nutrition Health Coach, I’m passionate about helping women in tech who struggle with everyday health concerns that if left unaddressed can add up to big problems. I teach them how to identify and address the root causes of their conditions. By taking practical actions towards improving diet and gut health, and reduce exposure to environmental toxins; we bring their body back into balance.


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