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There’s a lot of noise in the health world about counting, and burning more calories than you take in. So often phrases like “health and fitness” and “health and nutrition” are used synonymously, but health is so much more than diet and exercise. Yes, they are key factors of health, but not the only ones. All too often I see health-conscious, physically fit individuals still struggling with health issues, not making the connection that everything affects each other, overlooking other influences that matter. 

All the diets, workouts and supplements in the world won’t matter if you’re not focusing on the core basics like sleep, relaxation, community and environmental toxins. If you're only following dietary and fitness dogma, without paying heed as to whether they’re actually working then youre’re missing the full picture.

So if you’re doing all things you’re “supposed” to do and still struggling with poor sleep, unexplained weight gain, fatigue and more, it’s time to step back, put your detective hat on and start connecting the dots to get a “whole-istic” perspective of how everything works together so you can start living your FAB life!

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While I believe that food can be medicine, I equally believe that food can also be poison. And what works for me, may not work for you. That's why I don't believe in following dietary dogma. Rather, I believe in bioindividuality and figuring out a way of eating that works for you. Not anyone else - just you!

Eating foods that don't do well in your body can cause digestive distress, inflammation and undermine your overall well-being. 

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You can eat all the kale, drink a green smoothie everyday and workout religiously, but if you aren't prioritizing the core basics, what's the point?

You can get by on a poor diet and lack of exercise, but you can't function well without sufficient sleep! I believe that the core basics of sleep, relaxation and social communities are just as important to our health as diet and exercise (if not more!).

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There's a critical piece of the health conversation that is all-too-often ignored - environmental toxins! While eco-friendly living and clean beauty are becoming more mainstream, a large number of people still don't fully understand exactly what those harmful toxins are, how easily they infiltrate our everyday lives and the true impact they have on our health.

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