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Stress is the underlying factor.

There are many different kinds of stressors - emotional stress, financial stress, work-related stress, physical stressors from eating a poor diet and foods you’re sensitive it, as well as not enough or too much exercise.

But really, what kind of stress you’re burdened by doesn’t matter because your body isn’t able to differentiate between them and your hormonal responses are the same.

And when your stress load becomes too much for your body to manage, it shows up as inflammation which often manifests through your digestion, skin, and even your emotions.

The conventional approach to treat health problems is largely two-dimensional: pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter products.

But your body is an integrated system. When one area is dysfunctional, you have to look at the whole system that is your body through a broader lens.


The Functional Nutrition Approach to Health

Everyday health concerns can quickly snowball into bigger problems, so you have to look at them whole-istically. You do that by addressing these areas:

Live FAB Life - Diet

Remove inflammatory and processed foods from your diet, reset your taste buds and learn how to enjoy nutritious, nourishing foods.

Live FAB Life - Gut Health

Through careful tracking, identify triggers & root causes, then address nutrition & lifestyle deficiencies that are getting in the way of your healing.

Live FAB Life - Toxins

Understand how environmental toxins impact your health and learn practical ways to reduce your exposure and toxic load.

Live FAB Life - Stress

Idenitfy major sources of your stress (in all the ways you experience it) and strategize on ways to reduce their impact.


The Functional Nutrition Framework


How I Work:

Before attempting complex diets, advanced lab tests, and/or expensive supplements, return to basics and start by mastering the essential practices of health and wellness.

Tier 1:

We establish a solid foundation of health by transitioning to a real foods diet and addressing lifestyle habits around sleep, mindfulness, stress management, social support and environmental toxins.

Tier 2:

If your health concerns aren’t completely resolved in Tier 1, then we move on to Tier 2. Using assessments and tracking exercises, we’ll focus on gut health support and the data you collect to make correlations between what you’re eating and doing, how you’re feeling and how your body is functioning. From there we’ll determine what, if any, additional dietary modifications need to made and lifestyle habits addressed.

Tier 3:

If after working in Tiers 1 and 2, your health concerns still linger, then we look to add an Integrative or Functional Medicine doctor to our partnership if one isn’t already involved.

Tier 4:

After your health concerns are resolved, maintain your newfound normal. In addition to continuing the daily diet and lifestyle improvements you’ve made, periodic resets and check-ins through seasonal detoxes and cleanses can be helpful!