Day 10: Prioritize Down Time

Before we dive into today's challenge, let’s take a moment and acknowledge the fact that you are a rockstar!

You made it to Day 10 and I know that you're well on your way toward your personal health goals, whatever they may be! And I feel privileged to have been a little bit a part of this journey with you!

Now, for our last day of our challenge, we’re talking about the importance of scheduling down time.

Stress, working long hours, and lots of thinking takes it toll and creates tension in your body. Too much tension, without downtime, can lead to chronic aches, tightness, and fatigue.

Many people cope with these symptoms with alcohol and sugar, which only dampens their unease and further taxes their bodies.

The alternative?

Schedule down time, whether through exercise, movement or simple self-care activities. Developing a regular practice of any or all of these activities to suit your interest and lifestyle will be profoundly rewarding!

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Action Items:

Congratulations! You completed the Less Stress for More Success Challenge! By working on the areas we've covered over the past 10 years, you are well on your way toward your health goals, whatever they may be.