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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

"Naomi is such an inspiration!  Her programs really helped me to jump start my plans to get healthier. Not only did she provide motivating lessons chock full of good info that helped me take new steps each week, she provided an amazing recipe book that helped me fill my weekly menu plan with recipes that I knew were healthy and tasted good (bonus, they were easy to prepare too!)

She’s my go-to smoothie girl, but beyond that she really knows her stuff when it comes to health and wellness. I look forward to taking another one of Naomi’s programs in the future!" 

Vicky Cook, Transformation + Empowerment Coach


“Naomi helped me see that there were so many possibilities to living healthily. I love that she had a substitute for all of my unhealthy habits, and her consistent follow-up really helped to keep me accountable of my goals."

- Maya Elious, Personal Branding Strategist


"I'm a 75-year-old mother of three, grandmother to eight and great-grandmother to two! I've always been very active; I played competitive softball and volleyball until I was 55 yrs old. So five years ago, I was surprised when my doctor told me that I had diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol! 

My initial response was denial. Eventually, I had to start taking a ton of medications that only made me feel sicker. I went on a strict diet of no bread, rice or sweets and lost 37 pounds in two weeks. I was thin but felt very weak. I stayed that way for about two years; I never had enough energy.

And even with the medications, my blood sugar was still out of control. The only thing that could satisfy my sugar cravings was Diet Pepsi. And I was snacking all the time! I started gaining the weight back. The more weight I gained, the more the medications my doctors gave me, including insulin. I was taking up to 16 different drugs a day!

I tried to stay on my strict diet, but all the yo-yo dieting didn't work!

When I started working with Naomi, my goals were to stop drinking Diet Pepsi and get rid of some of my meds, especially the insulin.

With Naomi's encouragement, I started eating more veggies, less pasta, bread, and rice. And I started drinking smoothies! My husband and I love the smoothies she taught us to make! I also started drinking more water and was able to cut out soda pop! 

Now that I'm eating healthier, I have more energy - and I'm sleeping better too! And the extra weight is slowly coming off! 

My blood sugar has leveled off, and at my last visit, my doctor took me completely off of insulin! 

Thank you, Naomi, for helping me to reach my goals!

I see my doctor again in a few months, and my new goal is to keep this up so I can get off more medications!"

- Florita D., Retired

"Up until the seasonal cleanse program I was never really concerned about eating well. I knew that eating the right foods was important but never spent much time and effort on it. 

Over the past several years I have noticed a change in my body probably due to age. I was eating the same foods as before but started to put on weight and it was extremely hard to lose it. 

I reached out to Naomi and she made some suggestions as to how to begin looking at the food I was eating. Then I joined the seasonal cleanse program and was amazed at how quickly the weight started to come off. It’s been about a month since the program and I have been able to maintain my weight! 

It is by no means magic and it does take discipline. I am more aware of what I eat and find myself making healthier choices every day. This is just the beginning and I am eager to continue working with Naomi!"

- Becki M, Healthcare Exec in Honolulu, HI


After the program, I began to reintroduce “regular” food. The first thing I reintroduced was – you guess it – coffee. But there was no problem. After some days, It turned out that gluten does have a serious effect on me. I was on a business trip and had a big lasagne with vegetables. Later on, at the airport, I fell asleep waiting for my plane. Gluten makes me tired. So I kept an eye on food containing gluten. I still can eat it, but I am very careful with it and try to limit it wherever I can. So this was a key finding of the week.
And, regarding my fear about what I will eat: it was different, but not bad. And I never felt starved.
I am thankful I joined the program. I experienced similar programs in the past. One advice for people doing it the first time: the right mindset is the most important thing. Think about what you will do, and why you want to do it. Focus on the benefits it might bring. Eating clean and healthy will always have a positive impact on your body. Once this is clear, the rest is a piece of cake (which you are not allowed to eat :)" 

- Martin Schmitz, Tech Exec in Cologne, Germany:

"I was very busy and not feeling too good, and I thought I need to spend some time to look after myself. Then I saw the announcement of the seasonal cleanse program on Facebook, and I knew, that this is exactly the right thing to do for me. So I signed up and downloaded all the recipes and guidelines. I found it all very well documented and presented in a very professional manner.
After reading about what I would NOT be allowed to eat and drink during that time, I was expecting a real stressful week. Stopping to drink coffee is the hardest thing for me – because I really like it  So this was the first thing I did. One week of a headache was the result.  One one hand, it showed me, how addicted I am and what the absence of caffeine is causing to my body. On the other hand, I saw the sign of doing the right thing. I had my last coffee on Sunday and by Friday I was free of pain.

Regarding the “clean” food I was eating, I was surprised: I had different things – and some things I never bought before – but it was all very delicious. The recipes were very detailed and easy to follow and tasted good.

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