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Kristen Aigeldinger

Before finding Naomi, I was struggling with rather severe IBS symptoms and finding absolutely no help with traditional doctors.

I found Naomi’s story online and was so excited to find someone who understood what I was going through. I reached out to Naomi and am so glad I was able to work with her as it’s changed my life. Not only do I feel better physically and have my IBS symptoms under better control, but I learned how to navigate the healthcare I still need going forward, and how to embrace a whole new mentality around my health.

Naomi really helped me to find my new normal with food and to shift my thinking from “I can’t have that” to “Is it worth it?” Sometimes it’s worth it. Removing the guilt and learning to make active choices has alleviated the mental stress that used to come with my diet. I am so thankful for everything Naomi has taught me and would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with his or her health as well.

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Lindy Burgon

I love your approach to understanding your own personal health and all your thoughts on mindset. I’ve been inspired by your journey and your courage to do what matters most.

Judy Caban

I had migraines and gastric issues. I was paying attention to what I was eating, but I wasn't sure what caused my pains. I wanted to do something different and felt that giving up sugar would be good for my body.

In the beginning, it was scary, but Naomi was always there to give me suggestions. I feel different now. I don't feel sluggish anymore like I used to. I have more energy now than I did before and I haven’t had any migraines.

I'm so grateful for Naomi’s help! The 21-Day Sugar Detox was so was easy to follow, and the food was good! It was the best investment I've made!”

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Vicky Cook

Over the past couple of years, I’ve started to take a closer look at how environmental and dietary factors contribute to my overall health and Naomi has been the driving force behind these changes in my life.

I’ve worked with her in the 21-Day Sugar Detox program, which allowed me to create a new relationship with sugar to lessen its power over me.

I’ve also learned a ton about safer skincare options which has allowed me to swap out my not-so-safe products for ones that I know will be good for my skin and overall health (and the environment!). Naomi is a wealth of information and her analytical approach to getting to the root of the problem is her superpower.”

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Florita Diorec

I'm 75 years old and always been very active. So I was surprised when my doctor told me that I had diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol! My initial response was denial. Eventually, I had to start taking a ton of medications that only made me feel sicker and my blood sugar was still out of control. I was taking up to 16 different drugs a day!

With Naomi's encouragement, I started eating more veggies, less pasta, bread, and rice. And I started drinking smoothies! Now that I'm eating healthier, I have more energy - and I'm sleeping better too! And the extra weight is slowly coming off! My blood sugar has leveled off, and at my last visit, my doctor took me completely off of insulin! Thank you, Naomi, for helping me to reach my goals!

Maya Elious

Naomi helped me see that there were so many possibilities to living healthily. I love that she had a substitute for all of my unhealthy habits, and her consistent follow-up really helped to keep me accountable of my goals.

Megan Maccaroni

I was dealing with my stomach/fatigue problems and you really inspired me to stop listening to all the doctors who said I was "fine" and find someone who could really help me! I greatly appreciate how well-organized, useful and easy to understand all your content is! You are so genuine and conscientious in your mission to help others on their path to better health, so I know I can trust your content and recommendations! Thank you for all you do! :)

Becki Murashige

I was never really concerned about eating well. I knew that eating the right foods was important but never spent much time and effort on it. Over the past several years I have noticed a change in my body. I was eating the same foods as before but started to put on weight and it was extremely hard to lose it. 

I reached out to Naomi and she made some suggestions as to how to begin looking at the food I was eating. Then I joined her program and was amazed at how quickly the weight started to come off. 

It is by no means magic. It takes discipline but I'm more aware of what I eat and find myself making healthier choices every day. This is just the beginning and I am eager to continue working with Naomi!

Sandra Polsinelli

Naomi has taught me so much useful information and tips in my quest to give my family the most healthy environment. It's daunting to know where to start, but she breaks it down into manageable changes. She's always introducing me to new products and ideas, and since I know that she researches everything exhaustively, I always trust her judgment. Thank you, Naomi, for being so generous with your knowledge!

I was very busy and not feeling too good, and I thought I need to spend some time to look after myself. Then I saw Naomi's program on Facebook, and I knew, that this is exactly the right thing to do for me. 

I was expecting a real stressful week. Stopping to drink coffee is the hardest thing for me – because I really like it. It showed me, how addicted I am and what the absence of caffeine is causing to my body. Regarding the food I ate, I was surprised: I had different things – and some things I never bought before – but it was all very delicious. 

After the program, I began to reintroduce “regular” food. After some days, It turned out that gluten does have a serious effect on me - it makes me tired. One advice for people: the right mindset is the most important thing. Think about what you will do, and why you want to do it. Focus on the benefits it might bring. Eating clean and healthy will always have a positive impact on your body. Once this is clear, the rest is a piece of cake (which you are not allowed to eat :)" 

Martin Schmitz