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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

Do you gain 5 pounds just thinking about that holiday pumpkin pie?

Stay healthy through the holidays with this free 4-Day Challenge!

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Does the stress of holiday parties, family gatherings and frantic gift shopping make you want to face plant in a bowl of mashed potatoes & not come out until New Year’s?

We all know that the holidays can be taxing on our health.

The endless parties and parade of tempting treats can leave us feeling tired, bloated, and ready to break out the elastic waistband...

What if you had a simple plan to take away the worry?

What if you could navigate the season without gaining weight, feeling sluggish, or totally stressing out?

Get ready to make it happen with the Healthy Through the Holidays Challenge!

Hi I'm Naomi!

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, educated at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition Labs. 

I help people who suffer from fatigue and digestive distress, and struggle with sugar cravings, insomnia and stress, learn what to eat and how to live for energy and endurance.

One way of eating does not define me. I take principles from many different dietary theories and figure out what foods energize me and what foods don't. I create my own way of eating that supports my unique healthy blueprint. You can too.

The Healthy Through the Holidays Challenge covers everything you need to make your health a priority this holiday season, regardless of how many Christmas cookies cross your path.

When you accept the challenge, you get:


- A 28-page challenge playbook loaded with tips for keeping your sanity (and dress size) during the holidays.

- Strategies that teach you when & how to say, "No, thank you" to food.

- AND how to say, "Yes, please" & actually enjoy your indulgence, guilt-free.

PLUS you get my 4-Day Post-Holiday Healthy Reset Plan, which includes:

- 12 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes to get your body feeling great after a night (or few) of celebrating.

- A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the grocery store.

- A 4-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, & dinner to guide you through the reset with ease.

- My Daily Holiday Survival Checklist to print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track with healthy habits.

This is a NO WORRYING, NO WONDERING plan for navigating the holidays without deprivation or over-indulgence.

You can have a healthy, happy, energetic holiday season even if you:

Work crazy hours at a corporate 9-5

Are trying to wrangle a family of five AND get ready for a huge family feast

Feel like you can never say no to holiday treats

Or are worried that your favorite cocktail dress won’t fit three weeks from now...

The FREE Healthy Through the Holidays Challenge will show you how!