What's Going On In There?

When you're struggling with chronic health issues, the most common advice you'll hear is

"Listen to your body!"

But how exactly do you do that?!
How do you know if you're "hearing" what you WANT to hear, versus what your body is ACTUALLY saying?

The answer is simple: Track it...

with a Food Mood Poop Journal!


Food Mood Poop Journal, Live FAB Life


A Food Mood Poop Journal will teach you how to connect the dots and correlate:

  • What you're eating (food)

  • How you're feeling (mood)

  • How you're body is functioning (poop)!

This is the number one tool I use with my clients (and for my own health!) to uncover the root cause of what's really going on inside my body!

After you download, I'll send you a series of follow-up email instructions to teach you how to use this tool effectively to maximize it's possibilities.