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Food = Fuel… or is it?

Join me for a one-hour workshop and find out how you, and I, can eat for energy!

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Live Workshop:

Eating for Energy

Food = Fuel… or is it?

What moves you?  What makes you feel full of energy?

Is it just about calories in and calories out? Or is there more to it?

If food is fuel, is there a high-octane version?

For years and years we were told that caffeine is a great source of instant energy, so we added it to everything to help us feel that jolt, the electricity moving through our bodies. But what they didn't mention was, that energy runs out fast, and we need more and more to keep going.

But what's the answer? How do we get all-day, constant energy that doesn't leave us crashing or gaining weight?

Join me on Thursday, November 17th at 5 pm Pacific for a one-hour webinar and find out how you, and I, can eat for energy

Our society is plagued by two specific, related, issues: one, we're working harder than ever before and burning out fast and often, and two, there is a rising epidemic called obesity, and it’s killing us.

How are they related? Well, it's quite simple - the harder and longer hours we work, the less we move and the worse we eat.

People who work in offices are much more likely to get take-out or buy ready-made convenience meals for lunch - and often even breakfast and dinner - than they are to eat healthy, homemade meals.

These convenience meals are packed full of calories, which should provide energy,  but in reality, those calories are made up of sugars, simple carbohydrates and other “empty” calories. They may help you go for a while, but in the end, they do you no real good.

Eating poor quality foods may fill us up and even taste good, but they don't give us clean, sustainable, long-lasting energy, and they just add layer upon layer of stealthy fat to our bodies.

Do you feel exhausted halfway through the day?

Are you always hungry, craving sugary or carb-rich foods, even if you recently ate?

Do you get headaches, feel hangry or just want to sleep as soon as you get home?

If you said yes, there's a  better than good chance you're eating badly and your food isn't giving you the energy you need to cope with daily life and work.

In this free training you will learn:

  • How to identify and prepare foods that taste good, and make you feel good, that will get you through the day with energy to spare.
  • Why calories may count, but quality and nutrition rule.

This special FREE event takes place on Thursday, November 17th at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, so opt in today to join me for a unique glimpse into the truth behind nutrition, clean eating and how to eat for all-day, sustained energy.