Day 4: Create A Morning Routine

Have you ever slept through your alarm clock? And by the time you woke up and realize you overslept, you immediately panicked?

You weren’t able to do your morning workout, nor did you have time for a decent breakfast. You fumbled around, getting dressed and out the door as quickly as possible. And because you were late, you got stuck in extra heavy traffic.

Your anxiety level was sky high because there was a very real possibility that you’d miss your first meeting of the day. By the time you get to the office you’re frazzled, grumpy, starving and a bad mood.

Or maybe you do wake up early but you spend an hour lying in your bed scrolling through your Facebook feed, and when you finally realize what time it is, you start your day in rush mode.

When this happens, how does your day go? What would it be feel like to have a morning routine that sets up a productive day?

There’s real benefits to getting up early and starting the morning with a regular routine that allows you to moments of solitude to connect to your innermost self before the daily grind begins.

The most successful people have a morning routine, and that's what we're exploring today. 

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Tomorrow, we're talking about something that's critical to our success, yet is often overlooked - sleep!