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Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

Does Your Body Need a Tune-Up?

Cook Up Some Happy and Get Healthy for F-R-E-E with a

5-Day Clean Eating Challenge!


Tired, drained, unhealthy and overweight? Sick and tired of gut problems, aches, and pains and feeling awful?

Want to get your body clean and revitalized?

Imagine if your food made you feel full of energy.

Imagine if, while you’re eating it, you’re experiencing bursts of delicious, fresh flavor.

Imagine if your food made you feel good instead of guilty!

A healthy body is like a well-maintained car: it functions perfectly, runs quietly, moves efficiently. But what happens to that car if you pour sugar in the gas tank? That’s right! Total disaster!

Your body isn’t that different, except it isn’t just sugar you’re pouring in the tank, but all kinds of toxins that clog up the workings of the machine and make it slow, sluggish and inefficient.

Just like your car can develop a build-up of all sorts of sludge from being improperly looked after, your body builds up those toxins, and they cause endless problems.


Say “goodbye” to dieting and “hello” to clean eating, and Ditch Those Toxins For Good!

What will you gain from clean eating?

How does This Sound:

Reduced inflammation

Better, more efficient digestion

Feeling alert, alive and inspired

Better overall body function

More energy

Better, easier sleep and waking

Foods that fuel you

No more sugar cravings

The 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge Begins  Whenever You're Ready!

When you learn how to eat clean, you make a commitment to changing the way you think about food forever.

No more sugar as a comfort food, no more overly processed, unidentifiable ingredients, just clean, fresh, wholesome food that fuels your body and soul.

During this 5-Day Challenge, you Get:

●     A 25-page guide packed with healthy eating & mindset tips

●     16 simple and tasty clean eating recipes to tempt the taste buds

●     A detailed shopping list

●     A suggested meal guide with five days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options

●     Bonus handouts to keep you on track

●     A private forum for community, motivation and support

●     Daily live streaming with me to get all of your questions answered

If you’re done with dieting, losing weight, gaining it all back again and eating bland, boring, overly processed foods because they claim to be low calorie, then you are ready to join the Clean Eating Movement!

Here's What To Do Next:

  1. Click the button below to join the challenge.

  2. After joining, you'll receive an email with the Cook Up Some Happy Clean Eating Challenge playbook.

  3. Join the private Facebook forum.

  4. Invite someone you know who could benefit from this challenge to join you so you can support each other.

Yessss, Count Me In!