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Episode 073: Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Supplementation with Jeff Chilton

Mushrooms are the latest trending superfood and you’ve probably seen mushrooms in coffee, teas, elixirs, and even supplements!

In this episode, I’m joined by Jeff Chilton, an ethnomycology expert (the study of fungi). He founded Nammex, a company that introduced medicinal mushrooms to the U.S. nutritional supplement industry. He also co-authored the book “The Mushroom Cultivator.”

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • What medicinal mushrooms are and what’s the active ingredients in them

  • The importance of consuming organic mushrooms and how he started the first organic mushroom farm in China and the regulations that they must meet to ensure safety

  • The differences between popular mushrooms like reiki and chaga and other trending varieties

  • How mushrooms are used in supplements and how to know if you’re purchasing a quality, safe mushroom supplement

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Episode 032: Why Ferments Are Nourishing for A Healthy Gut with Wise Goat Organics

In this episode, I'm joined by Mary Risavi of Wise Goat Organics. You'll hear us discuss:

  • Why she started Wise Goat organics and why it isn’t just a ferment company
  • Why fermentation is good for us
  • Why it’s better to get probiotics from foods rather than supplements
  • How not everything at the Farmers Market is healthy and tips on shopping at the Farmers Market
  • How she takes care to prepare her foods non-toxically
  • How to introduce fermented foods into your diet
  • How to introduce fermented foods to kid
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