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Episode 072: My Journey And Pursuit For Beautiful Skin For Life

We're wrapping up our 4-part mini-series on taking a Functional Nutrition approach towards skin health

In this episode, I pull back the curtain and share:

  • My decades-long struggle with chronic skin problems

  • How I came to Functional Nutrition

  • How reverse engineering my health helped me uncover the root causes of my chronic skin (and other health!) problems

  • How you can learn this for yourself through my Beautiful Skin for Life Bootcamp program

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Episode 070: Four Crucial Skincare Mistakes to Avoid to Clear Up Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief, skincare doesn’t start at Sephora, nor does it start with Beautycounter. Skincare begins with what you’re feeding your body and what your body can with what you’re feeding it.

Because your diet and lifestyle habits - sleep, stress, and even the beauty products that you’re using -influence how your internal systems and organs in your body function - and your skin is the largest organ in your body.

In this episode, Part Two of this four-part mini-series on taking a Functional Nutrition approach towards skin health, we’ll examine four common mistakes that you’re making in your skincare and a better approach to take instead.

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Episode 069: Clear Skin from Within

“I have cystic acne but my skin is super dry too.”

“Most of the time my skin is okay but I have breakouts around my cycle. I know its hormonal.”

“I have keratosis pilaris on my arms which is why I always wear long sleeves. I really want to be able to wear t-shirts and tank tops this summer.”

“I have eczema / psoriasis / rosacea, and none of the products I’ve tried has helped.

These are the kinds of things so many people have come to for looking for help with.

So in this episode, we tackle:

  • The two types of skin problems we struggle with

  • How even the best, safest products are only the first step in trying to address chronic skin problems

  • How to take a functional approach toward resolving skin issues

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