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Episode 055: Understanding Obesogens: The Link Between Toxins and Weight

When it comes to weight and healthy living, toxins are a critical missing piece to the conversation that’s not talked about enough but can no longer be ignored.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • What are obesogens

  • The link between toxins and weight

  • How unsuspecting items in your home may be interfering with or undermining the hard work you put into being fit and healthy

  • Actionable steps you can do to reduce your exposure to obesogens

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Episode 042: How To Train For A Marathon After Overtraining with Jessica Hofheimer

I first interviewed Jess Hofheimer way back in Episode 016 where she shared her story on overtraining. So if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, go listen to it before you listen to this one.

In that episode you’ll hear Jess talk about how she ran herself into burnout, overtraining and eventually adrenal depletion. At the time recorded that interview, she was embarking on a training cycle for a Spring Marathon, which she successfully ran this past March. While some may view success by the time they finished the race in, Jess’ mindset has shifted.

In this follow-up episode, you’ll hear her share:

  • How she now defines her success

  • How she trained for this marathon

  • What diet and lifestyle habits she did differently this time

  • How she recovered from the race

  • What “running with integrity” means to her

  • What’s next on her race calendar

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