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Episode 099: Probiotic Foods, Gut Health and Mission-Based Work with Barb Vogel and Nikki Price of inner-ēco

In this episode, I’m joined by Barb Vogel and Nikki Price, co-founders of inner-ēco, a mission-based company that makes food-based probiotics.

You’ll hear them:

  • Share their story of how the company came to be

  • Why they believe in bringing real food with clean ingredients to families of all sizes (pets included!)

  • The benefits of food-based probiotics

  • How they’re a mission-based company committed to helping free enslaved people around the world.

  • How they maintain their health and other life responsibilities as successful businesswomen

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Episode 097: Building A Clean Living Community with Emily Popson of Pop of Health

So you want to live a cleaner lifestyle but it’s overwhelming and you don’t know quite where to start. That’s where Emily Popson comes in.

Emily is the founder of the Pop of Health community and the creator of The Non Tox Box™, a series of stylishly curated and impactful boxes, with products to help you reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in items that you use every day.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How the Pop of Health Community and The Non Tox Box™ came to be

  • How Emily runs these businesses as side hustles to her full-time job as a woman in tech

  • The role exposure to toxins played in both of our early development and the emotional challenges we experienced from it

  • A behind-the-scenes glimpse into how Emily curates each The Non Tox Box™ and a preview into the next soon-to-be-released bundle!

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