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Episode 055: Understanding Obesogens: The Link Between Toxins and Weight

When it comes to weight and healthy living, toxins are a critical missing piece to the conversation that’s not talked about enough but can no longer be ignored.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • What are obesogens

  • The link between toxins and weight

  • How unsuspecting items in your home may be interfering with or undermining the hard work you put into being fit and healthy

  • Actionable steps you can do to reduce your exposure to obesogens

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Episode 040: How to Find the Right Personal Trainer For You

In this final episode of my seven-part behind-the-scenes mini-series, you’ll hear me share: 

  • My biggest workout struggles post-adrenal fatigue

  • How I’m trying to practice intuitive exercising

  • The gap I’m currently facing in with my fitness

  • Why I decided to work with a personal trainer again

  • How I went about finding the right one for me.

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