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Episode 090: Easy Ways to Improve Your Financial Wellness with Bre Bauer

What role does finances play in making healthcare decisions? How much of a factor is it in your overall stress load? What’s your mindset around money?

Finances are at the center of our health and wellness yet one that we may be difficult to address and easily avoided.

Joining me to have a frank discussion on financial wellness is Bre Bauer. Bre is a self-proclaimed “Budget Nerd”, who spent years in a cycle of accumulating consumer debt and then working her tail off to pay it off.  

It wasn’t until she changed her awareness and behaviors around her money mindset and spending habits that she was truly able to become and remain debt-free.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mistakes and misconceptions around money and finances

  • What budgeting means and what it doesn’t mean

  • The importance of building awareness around your spending habits

  • How to budget with a variable income

  • How to build a healthy money mindset

  • And a whole lot more!

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