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Episode 022: Staying Healthy On Business Travel with Jessica Sutera

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m on business travel, I find it challenging to keep up with my workouts and my way of eating and many of the clients that I’ve worked with have struggled with this too.

So this week I’m joined by Jessica Sutera. Jess is a Director of Corporate Communications, who’s job is in a completely different part of the country from where she lives - so she’s become quite the pro at business travel. In this episode she shares her best practical tips on how to stay healthy while on business travel.

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Episode 017: Yin Yoga, Chinese Meridians and Fascia 101 with Jennifer O'Sullivan

In this episode, I’m joined by Jennifer O’Sullivan. Jennifer believes in the power of yoga & mindful movement to heal the mind & body and to nurture the human spirit. She sees the yoga mat and the meditation cushion as laboratories for self-discovery and transformation. You’ll hear us discuss Yin yoga, Chinese meridians, and Fascia 101.

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