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Episode 033: The Truth About IBS & Secrets to Healthy Digestion

Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling of fullness after eating even the tiniest amount of food? Or had your belly swell so much you look like you’re five months pregnant? Or have you had to excuse yourself from the room to release gas so painful that can barely move because you’re in so much pain?

In this episode we explore exactly what is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), how gut health is tied to your mental health and I share 10 tips for healthy digestion.

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Episode 030: Secrets to A Successful 21-Day Sugar Detox

In this episode, I’m joined by two of my clients for a roundtable interview on their experience with the 21-Day Sugar Detox. You’ll hear them share their fears in doing the program, how they approached it, what their experience was like and how the program has changed them - physically, as well as their mindset towards food. What I loved most about coaching Vicky and Judy is that they’re friends, who decided to do the program TOGETHER - and you’ll definitely hear them talk about how they’ve been able to support each other, not just during the program, but after it ended too!

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