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Episode 058: Bridging the Gap Between What Your Doctors Are Telling You and What They Aren’t

So much of what a cancer patient faces feel beyond their control. But there are some things can be done that will bring feelings of empowerment and support healing.

Back with us for her third and final episode this month is Katie Leadbetter of Clean Eating with Katie. In Part 3 of this four-part series, Katie speaks to those who are fighting cancer on how to bridge the gap between what doctors tell you, and what they don’t.

Katie also wrote a blog post titled, “What Will Be Your Catalyst for Change,” discusses “pink-washing” and why we don’t need more breast cancer awareness, but rather, breast health education and prevention.

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Episode 057: How to Support A Loved One with Cancer

There have been too many times when I’ve found out that someone that I cared about was diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t know what to say or what to do that would be appropriate and supportive.

I didn’t want to sound trite or generic. I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries, especially if it wasn’t a close family member. And I certainly didn’t want to be intrusive. But I genuinely wanted to do something, yet there were times when I ended up doing nothing.

In this episode, Katie Leadbetter, of Clean Eating with Katie, is back for her second of three episodes this month, this time, with some words of advice for anyone who has a loved one who is fighting cancer. Katie wrote a blog post titled, “Five Things You Can Do for Someone with Cancer” and in this episode, we discuss what those five things are and more!

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Episode 056: Surviving Breast Cancer with Katie Leadbetter

This episode is the first in a four-part mini-series on breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In this Part 1 of this series, I’m joined by Katie Leadbetter, a Nutrition Consultant, fellow 21-Day Sugar Coach, and at 35-years old, a breast cancer survivor. 

You’ll hear Katie’s account of how she came to learn that at age 31, she had breast cancer. She shares EXACTLY what she went through, physically, mentally and emotionally in a very raw and vulnerable way.

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