Episode 001: My Story & What is Live FAB Life

Episode 001: My Story & What is Live FAB Life

In this official first episode of the show, I’m sharing my story and just what is Live FAB Life all about.

To not feel so awkward,  I drew some inspiration from Nikki Elledge Brown and the way she launched Naptime Empires with a reverse interview.

I enlisted the help of my friend and experienced podcaster, Elizabeth Fernandez. Beth, as I call her, is a scientific communicator, scientist, and a public speaker. She is the host of the SparkDialog podcast, which covers how new scientific discoveries are changing how we look at the universe, how new technology is affecting our lives, and even shakes it up with history, economics, philosophy, ethics, religion, and culture to provide an integrated look at science in our world.  

In this episode, she asks me:

  • What is a health coach

  • What prompted me to pursue health coaching

  • What I did after I completed my training

  • What this podcast will be about

  • Why you should listen

  • And how I plan to connect with listeners

There were some tough questions that I wasn't expecting, but I loved the experience of being on the hot seat!


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Naomi Nakamura is a certified Holistic Health Coach who takes a holistic approach through functional nutrition. Through her weekly show, The Live FAB Live Podcast, coaching programs, and safer skincare solutions, she helps people with acne and other chronic skin issues clear up their skin by teaching them where food meets physiology and how food, gut health, stress, and toxins are intricately connected to the health and appearance of our skin. Naomi resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and can often be found romping around the city with her puppy girl, Coco Pop! Connect with Naomi at: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest.