Episode 002: Functional Medicine, Gut & Hormonal Health and Natural Ways of Healing with Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Functional Medicine, Gut & Hormonal Health and Natural Ways of Healing

In this episode, I’m interviewing Dr. Melissa Esguerra.

Dr. Melissa is a doctor of chiropractor, a functional medicine practitioner, a clinical nutritionist and is certified in Kundalini yoga.

She helps women go from feeling stuck + sluggish to feeling stellar + centered in their own skin.

Like a makeup artist who helps her clients get dolled up and looking fab, Dr Melissa helps her clients look and FEEL fabulous from the inside out.

It’s only fitting that Dr. Melissa is the first guest on this podcast. I’m a former patient of hers, and she was THE person who introduced me to functional medicine, holistic health and natural ways of healing.

She opened my eyes to many blind spots in my health - from the different kinds of stressors, how food can be medicine and how environmental toxins impact all of us. In fact, she was the very first person who told me that personal care products and cosmetics have toxic ingredients, after which I immediately went home and threw out all of my beauty products. True story!

Working with Dr. Melissa was the catalyst for me starting my journey to becoming a health coach and everything I’ve done since, including this podcast!

In our discussion, we talk about what is functional medicine, the importance of digestion and how it impacts thyroid and hormones and what her favorite sources of natural healing are.

It was a pleasure to catch up with Dr. Melissa, and I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!


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