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Episode 074: Naomi's Keto Quick Start

Back in Episode 068, I was joined by New York Times Best-selling author Diane Sanfilippo, who joined me for a discussion on the ketogenic diet and her new book, “Keto Quick Start.”

A week after that episode aired, I embarked on my own experiment following the Keto Quick Start 30-Day Meal Plan.  It was my first time following a keto-focused program and in this podcast episode, I’m sharing all about my experience with it.

In this episode I take you behind-the-scenes and share:

  • The backstory and thought-process of why I chose to embark on this experiment

  • How I prepared to set myself up for success

  • My biggest takeaways and challenges

  • Answers to your most commonly asked questions!

I documented my daily eats over on Instagram which you can check out by searching for the hashtag: #naomisketoquickstart!

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Episode 072: My Journey And Pursuit For Beautiful Skin For Life

We're wrapping up our 4-part mini-series on taking a Functional Nutrition approach towards skin health

In this episode, I pull back the curtain and share:

  • My decades-long struggle with chronic skin problems

  • How I came to Functional Nutrition

  • How reverse engineering my health helped me uncover the root causes of my chronic skin (and other health!) problems

  • How you can learn this for yourself through my Beautiful Skin for Life Bootcamp program

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Episode 071: Connecting Leaky Gut and Skin Health

When it comes to your chronic skin problem have you ever been advised to focus on repairing your gut health?

But what does that even mean? What does your gut health have to do with what’s going on with your skin? How are these things related?

In this episode, Part 3 of this 4-part mini-series on taking a Functional Nutrition approach towards skin health, we’ll explore something called a “Leaky Gut” and in doing so, hopefully, make the skin + gut connection.

You'll hear:

  • What is a Leaky Gut

  • How does a gut become "leaky" with a mini anatomy lesson

  • The problems a leaky gut can cause

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