10 Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil got a bad rap for a long time - but finally, those days are over. Many thought that because coconut oil is hydrogenated, it would cause heart disease. Thankfully, doctors like Mary G. Enig Ph.D., an internationally known nutritionist, and biochemist, says that coconut oil is a true lifesaver for cardiovascular health. Studies show heart patients recover faster after they are fed coconut oil. 

But how is that possible? 

The lauric acid in coconut oil is the same ingredient found in mother's milk that gives babies their strong immune systems and allows them to fight off unwanted bacteria, candida, and viruses. Lauric acid is a disease-fighting ingredient, and it can be found right in coconut oil.  

Coconut oil is perfect not only for people fighting off diseases and health issues but also for people who want to prevent health problems. 

Even though coconut oil is a saturated fat, it does not raise cholesterol levels in your body. 

In fact, coconut oil actually supports healthy cholesterol levels in your liver by producing high-density lipoprotein that promotes healthy hormone production. 

In tropical cultures where coconut oil is consumed daily, cholesterol levels are normal - unlike in the United States where we tend to have very high cholesterol rates. 

Why is that anyway? 

It’s because we don't eat enough healthy fats that contain HDL, like coconut oil, that help our liver remove excess cholesterol. Even though coconut oil is a saturated fat, it is a medium chain saturated fatty acid, unlike animal products that are long chain saturated fatty acid and increase cholesterol. 

Components that make up coconut oil, like lauric acid, make it the best superfood oil for fighting off fungus, bacteria, parasites and candida: all those unwanted pathogens (toxins)! 

Coconut oil has so many benefits: 

  1. Regulates the hormones
  2. Boosts the metabolism
  3. Aids in weight loss
  4. Kills candida (yeast), bacteria, and unwanted pathogens
  5. Great energy source for athletes, adults and kids
  6. Supports proper functioning of the thyroid
  7. Makes your skin looks amazing (a great makeup remover!)
  8. Promotes heart health
  9. Makes for a great lotion for skin in the morning and night
  10. Reduces inflammation and improves bowel function and digestive issues 

Have I said enough about the great aspects of coconut oil? I love it, and use it in some capacity every day!

My favorite ways to uses for it are:

1 | For Oil Pulling: Every morning I swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth before brushing my teeth. The lauric acid in coconut oil is anti-microbial and helps to flush out bacteria and toxins as well as strengthens my gums. 

2 | As A Personal Care Product: Instead of using harsh makeup removers to remove eyeliner and mascara, I use coconut oil and in one swipe, its gone! I also use it as a lotion and moisturizer. 

3 | As a snack: When I need a boost, I reach for coconut oil because it is a perfect source of energy. It goes right to the liver where it is converted immediately into pure energy instead of being stored. I use one tablespoon in the morning and two in the evening and actually put the spoon of oil right into my mouth. 

Tip: I keep one gallon in my kitchen for cooking and eating, and a smaller size in my bathroom as a personal care product.

I enjoy coconut oil in so many different areas of my life because the benefits are so amazing! I cannot say enough about this versatile superfood! 

Are you a fan of coconut oil? What's your favorite way to use it?

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Naomi Nakamura is a certified Holistic Health Coach who takes a holistic approach through functional nutrition. Through her weekly show, The Live FAB Live Podcast, coaching programs, and safer skincare solutions, she helps people with acne and other chronic skin issues clear up their skin by teaching them where food meets physiology and how food, gut health, stress, and toxins are intricately connected to the health and appearance of our skin. Naomi resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and can often be found romping around the city with her puppy girl, Coco Pop! Connect with Naomi at: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest.