Three Critical Steps to Conquering Weight Loss Resistance

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last few days, you know that I struggled with weight loss resistance and a number of health issues for years.  
I had tried EVERYTHING and desperately wanted to know what I should be doing differently.  
Over time, I have discovered that there are three critical steps to conquering weight loss resistance.
Step 1:

Understanding how and why specific foods were wreaking havoc on my hormones and slowing my metabolic rate. (What a relief this was for me!) 
Step 2:

Zeroing in on which foods were causing my weight loss resistance and how to combine them.   
Step 3:

Tweaking my diet and making easy substitutions for the problematic foods and creating amazingly delicious food combinations. 
In tomorrow's workshop, I am going to cover each of these three steps, so you can restore balance in your body and finally lose weight in a sustainable way. 

Free Workshop

On Thursday, April 21st at 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 pm Hawaii, join me for a free live workshop where I'll delve deeper into how food sensitivities can cause you to feel chronically fatigued, plus introduce simple strategies for eliminating problematic foods. 

During this free workshop you will learn: 

  • Why certain foods can cause you to hold onto weight, regardless of how many calories you’re consuming. 
  • The most common culprits and why these particular foods can be problematic. 
  • How to determine if, in fact, there are foods that are affecting your weight loss efforts. 
  • If you’re a chronic dieter who never sees results, this workshop is for you. Identifying if specific foods are causing you to hold onto weight may be your breakthrough weapon in weight loss.    

The workshop has ended. Click below to watch the replay.

Do you have friends or family that would find this workshop helpful? Feel free to forward the replay to them. 

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