Episode 065: 10 Simple Ways to Slow Down for Type-A People

Are you a Type A person who's always-on-the-go, crossing off *our* (because I’m one of ‘em 🙋🏻‍♀️) to-do lists and attached to your phone, tablet, or laptop - or maybe even all three at once?

Then when you start to shows signs of stress, like breakouts, fatigue and other health issues and you’re asked, “How’s your stress levels?”  you might not even realize that you're stressed...#amright? 👀

So we’re told that we have to slow down and take it easy, but neither comes naturally to us. In fact, it’s a learned behavior that we have to constantly and actively work on. 💆🏻‍♀️

In this episode, I'm sharing ten simple ways to slow down for Type-A people!

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Episode 064: Is Stress Really Such A Big Deal?

We deal with stress on a daily basis. We hear about all the time on the news, read about it in magazines and hear it talked about online. And we’ve become immune to it, accepting it as a normal way of life. But most of us don’t truly realize the tremendous impact daily stressors have their health.

In this episode, I'm talking all about stress, including:

  • What're our sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous systems

  • How stress affects our hormones and leads to a plethora of health problems

  • Five ways to manage our daily stress

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Episode 063: What's A Detox & Healthy Ways to Detox Safely

The word “detox” has gotten a bad rap because there’s been so much “noise” out there about how to detox, AND there’s different ways to do it.

In this week’s podcast episode, I break down:

  • What a detox really is

  • Why its essential in this modern world we live in

  • The three ways toxins enter your body

And I share ten practical and tactical tips for your detox!

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