Episode 075: Fueling Your Body Naturally with Algae, with Catharine Arnston of Energy Bits

In this episode, I’m joined by Catharine Arnston. Catharine is the Founder and CEO of Energy Bits, a Boston-based company that she founded in 2014.

After spending 30 years in the corporate world, Catherine went back to nutrition school and founded Energy Bits, a company that produces 100% green, NON-GMO, organically grown algae, specifically spirulina and chlorella, two superfoods that I’ve used in my healing journey.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • What's algae (spirulina, and chlorella) and what are their health benefits

  • Why is algae a source of efficient nutrition

  • How they produce their algae

  • And even how algae is a fantastic fueling source for athletes, especially endurance athletes

I’ve personally used, and continue to use, both spirulina and chlorella as part of my wellness regimen, for chelation (the process of removing toxins and heavy metals from the body).

As a special gift to listeners of The Live FAB Life Podcast, Catharine and her team have generously extended a 20% discount so you can give it a try too!

Go to www.energybits.com and enter the code LIVEFABLIFE at checkout to claim that 20%, and be sure you listen to the entire episode because Catharine goes into great detail on what each product is best for and how to take them!

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Episode 074: Naomi's Keto Quick Start

Back in Episode 068, I was joined by New York Times Best-selling author Diane Sanfilippo, who joined me for a discussion on the ketogenic diet and her new book, “Keto Quick Start.”

A week after that episode aired, I embarked on my own experiment following the Keto Quick Start 30-Day Meal Plan.  It was my first time following a keto-focused program and in this podcast episode, I’m sharing all about my experience with it.

In this episode I take you behind-the-scenes and share:

  • The backstory and thought-process of why I chose to embark on this experiment

  • How I prepared to set myself up for success

  • My biggest takeaways and challenges

  • Answers to your most commonly asked questions!

I documented my daily eats over on Instagram which you can check out by searching for the hashtag: #naomisketoquickstart!

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Episode 073: Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Supplementation with Jeff Chilton

Mushrooms are the latest trending superfood and you’ve probably seen mushrooms in coffee, teas, elixirs, and even supplements!


In this episode, I’m joined by Jeff Chilton, an ethnomycology expert (the study of fungi). He founded Nammex, a company that introduced medicinal mushrooms to the U.S. nutritional supplement industry. He also co-authored the book “The Mushroom Cultivator.”

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • What medicinal mushrooms are and what’s the active ingredients in them

  • The importance of consuming organic mushrooms and how he started the first organic mushroom farm in China and the regulations that they must meet to ensure safety

  • The differences between popular mushrooms like reiki and chaga and other trending varieties

  • How mushrooms are used in supplements and how to know if you’re purchasing a quality, safe mushroom supplement

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