Episosde 093: Establishing A Solid Foundation for Health

Would you run before you can walk? Just like you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, you also can’t medicate or even supplement your way out of one either.

If you want to address the root causes of your health complaints and find a resolution for them, then the environment that your symptoms and illness manifested itself in needs to be addressed.

A sensible, flexible and bio-individual way to do this is through the Functional Nutrition framework. This is the framework that I’ve structured my health coaching services around and take all of my clients through.

So in this new mini-series of The Live FAB Life Podcast, I’m walking you through each step of this framework. In this first episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why its critical to establish a solid foundation by removing obstacles to health and healing by taking care of the non-negotiables

  • What the non-negotiables are

  • How to start addressing the

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Episode 092: Minding Your Health When Your Mind Is On Work

This week marks the second anniversary of The Live FAB Life Podcast!

In this episode, I discuss having an epiphany, with the help of some friends, on my unique position to help women in tech bring health and wellness to the forefront of their careers and lives.

You'll hear me share my work experience of working in startups to large corporate environments, the different stressors I experienced and how being micro-managed directly impacted my health and how I learned to reframe and deal with the situation for the better.

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Episode 091: Thriving Through Cancer with Alyssa Carrie and Katie Leadbetter

In this episode, I’m joined by frequent guest (she’s been a guest here on the show more than anyone else) and friend of the program Katie Leadbetter and Alyssa Carrie.

Katie and Alyssa are both certified holistic Nutrition Consultants, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches, and they’re both very young cancer survivors.

Katie was on the show last October, specifically in Episodes 056, 057 and 058, sharing her experience of surviving stage 2B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer which she has been in remission for almost five years.

Alyssa was diagnosed with Lymphoma a year ago at the age of 26 and thankfully is also in remission. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Alyssa share her cancer story for the very first time. She shares how vital the Ketogenic diet was in her healing, as well as how she partnered with her oncologist to trace her steps to identify the root cause of her cancer.

  • You’ll also hear them both share how important self-care and personal growth was during their respective treatments 

  • What went well during their treatments and what they found lacking

  • And how they’re filling that gap for cancer patients by collaborating on a new program they’ve created that launches in just a few weeks called, “The Cancer Survivor’s Course.”

It takes a special kind of vulnerability to share such personal experiences and I’m grateful that these women are brave enough to do so.

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