Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

I’m involved with a mission-based company called Beautycounter.



Beautycounter is a startup that makes safer personal care products for women and children.

Having safer beauty solutions is important to me because I struggled with so many health issues and realized that environmental toxins were a factor. Beautycounter met a need for me when I couldn't find any other safer alternatives that were also high-performing.

Unlike when I first started this journey, these days there are more safe options on the market (which is fantastic!), but what makes Beautycounter stand out for me is their transparency.


Transparency matters to me and Beautycounter fully discloses all of their ingredient lists, as well as their selection process.

I'm a huge advocate of their commitment to education, which is why they use a direct sales business model, and why as a health coach, I'm involved.

I’m also a fan of their efforts to lobby lawmakers in Washington to pass laws that regulate the beauty industry, which is unusual for a brand to do.

Please take a moment to watch this short 3-minute video to learn more about the brand and its founder.

My primary goal with safer beauty is to help you make more informed decisions about any products on the market. A great resource to help you get started doing this is The Never List. The Never List is a list of chemicals that Beautycounter has identified as harmful and tells you what products these chemicals are commonly found it. Beautycounter is committed to never use any of these chemicals in its products.

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